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Today's Words (7/14/06)

47. vacuous (VAK-yoo-uss): 空の、空虚な、無意味な

Lacking content or substance. That which is empty is vacuous.

eg.) Televised debates are so potentially dangerous that most candidates settle for offering
vacuous recitations of campaign speeches rather saying something new and unexpected.

48. wallow (WALL-lo): ~にふける、転げまわる

To immerse oneself in utterly. Literally, to wallow in something is to roll around in it.

eg.) Joan's reviews were cerainly unflattering, but in my opinion, she wallowed in self-pity
after opening night and did the case and crew of the show a desservice.

Today's Words (7/11/06)

45. tactile (TAK-tull): 触覚の、触感の

Of or pertaining to the sense of touch. That which relates to touching is tactile.

eg.) The infant's tactile development is especially rapid during this stage.

46. undulate (UN-dyoo-late): 波打つ、うなる、波動する

Move in a wavelike motion. That which undulates moves in regular wavy patterns.

eg.) After a hard day at work, Ellis would sit on the seashore stare ahead at the
undulating ocean to ease his mind.

Today's Words (7/06/06)

43. repudiate (rih-PYOO-dee-ate): 拒否する、拒絶する

To disaprove and thereby render obsolete. A theory that has been repudiated is one
that is accepted as invalid.

eg.) This survey totally repudiates the findings Geraldson claims in his ealier paper;
his model can no longer stand.

44. sanguine (SAN-gwinn): 楽天的な

Possessing a positive attitude. Sanguine usually carries the sense of being cheerful
despite obstables or potential problems.

eg.) Despite the many setbacks she had faced, Ellen remained sanguine.

Today's Words (7/05/06)

41. pecuniary (pi-KYOO-nee-ari-ee): 金銭[上]の

Of or pertaining to money. That which consists of or concerns money is pecuniary.

eg.) Uncle Walter decided to stay with us for a few months owing, as he put it, to
pecuniary difficulties.

42. quintessence (kwin-TESS-unce): 本質、真髄、典型

A thing's highest or most sublime essential form. To be the quintessence of a thing is
to embody it as well as conceivably possible.

eg.) Jacqueline was in my view the quintessence of charm and grace that evening.

cg.) quintessential (adj.)

Today's Words (7/02/06)

40. noxious (NOK-shuss): 有害な

Harmful; injurious. That which has a corrupting or debilitating influence is noxious.

eg.) The noxious weed soon took over the entire crop, which eventually failed.

41. octogenarian (ok-tuh-juh-NARE-ee-un): 80歳代の、80歳代の人

A person in his or her eighties. An octogenarian is one who is between eighty and
eighty-nine years old.

eg.) Mrs. Reardon, an octogenarian, attiributes her longevity to drinking a glass of
fruit juice every morning.


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